Observability | re-defined.

Stop sampling. Observe everything at 10% of the price.

Efficiently separate compute from storage and experience lightning-fast querying, powered by our advanced MPP-based engine.

Ingest everything, Query anytime.

Say goodbye to sampling and retention worries with CtrlB Flow. Engineered for petabyte-scale data efficiency, CtrlB Flow seamlessly integrates with existing agents, log shippers, and services. Its adaptable querying system allows users to visually explore data or use Lucene & SQL for precise analysis. Enjoy real-time event streaming and create visualizations instantly. With CtrlB Flow's innovative datastore, all data remains instantly queryable—whether it's a second, a week, or a year old.

Send data from Splunk, DataDog, Elastic, OTel, FluentD, etc
Schema-less and no indexes to manage
Conduct real-time analysis with live event streaming
Advanced querying with Lucene & SQL
Instantly query all data, no provisioning needed

Analyse, transform, route, data in-stream.

CtrlB Flow is not just another silo. Connect CtrlB Flow to popular destinations for cost management, long-term retention with instant querying, and more. No need to be limited by expensive licenses or split your data between multiple stores only to have wait hours or days to query all the data again. CtrlB Flow can ingest, store, query, and route data all in one place.

Filter, transform, shape, and sample events
Route OpSec data to Splunk, Datadog, Elastic, and more
Query all data in one place, app, infra, network
Replay data to any destination instantly

Data Engine for Observability & Security

All of your data at one place and queryable at all times. CtrlB Flow makes sure that even if data volume skyrockets, your observabilty bill doesn't.
Say no to high bill due to sudden spike in data volume. Pay for data value and not volume!


Just don't take our words for it. See what our customers say


“Thanks to CtrlB's intuitive interface, our engineers can easily manage data flow from sources to destinations. The ability to route, enrich, and trim data effortlessly has improved our workflow efficiency. We now have confidence that our data is properly formatted and delivered without any drops, ensuring seamless operations.”

Nishant Mittal | CTO

“With CtrlB's platform, we've experienced a significant boost in productivity. The ability to pivot destinations based on the type of data we're analyzing has been a game-changer. Analysts can now save valuable time by effortlessly directing data where it's needed most, enhancing our overall workflow efficiency.”

CTO at a Logistic company

A platform that can scale to your limits

Live Data Stream

Experience the thrill of watching your data stream live, but with an added features like filtering live data!

Fine grain control

Enforce data policies, standards, volumes, and formats across tools. Choose the right destination for the right data.

Schema-less & Index free

No need to define schemas for your data up-front, nor worry about building indexes later. Like you have to do in Elastic.

Eliminate vendor-lock in

Stream logs, metrics, and traces from any source to any destination in any format, no need to have multiple agents.

Use any query tool

Since the data that we store on cloud storage is in Paraque format any query tool can be hooked up.

Live Debugging, Reduce MTTR

Debug incidents like pro with detailed function level trace and variable level info if you install CtrlB SDKs.

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