Reliability at Scale

Resolve Production Incidents 5X faster using AI

Solve Distributed App Errors Like a Pro. We've got your back from services to code-level traces. One platform for all your dev needs!

Simplified Cloud and Language Integration.

Supercharge Your Debugging Experience

Experience Unparalleled Debugging, Real-time Telemetry, and Future-Forward AI-Driven Insights—All Designed for the Modern Developer

Monitor code, not infrastructure.

Debug Data in Live Production, Analyze Variables and Control Flow, All Without Interrupting Your Application's Performance

No config needed.
No infrastructure change needed.
Capture context in real-time,
without stopping execution, with visibility down to the single line.
Get visibility across replicas,
regions, or entire clouds.

On-demand Telemetry

Add Logs at Runtime, Reduce Logging Costs, and Gain Pinpoint Accuracy in Issue Diagnosis Without Code Redeployment.

Get deep context
within your data to figure out logic and quality issues.
There is no need to over-log.
Add logs in runtime when you need them without having to redeploy the code.
Break apart performance
bottlenecks on the application level.

Coming Soon

Debugging co-pilot

Use CtrlB AI for Automated Root Cause Analysis, All Within the Comfort of Your IDE

Think of this as a seasoned developer
that sits within your IDE.
Understand flow of code wrt live data
in production to debug issues in minutes


Just don't take our words for it. See what our customers say-

After integrating with CtrlB, our operational efficiency has seen a significant boost. We've experienced fewer incidents, and when they do occur, they're resolved faster than ever. It's clear that CTRLB is dedicated to ensuring peak performance, and we're grateful for the support their team consistently provides.

Nishant Mittal
CTO of PingSafe

The difference since leveraging CtrlB is palpable. We've not only improved our error detection rate but also accelerated our response times tenfold. The insight and clarity their platform offers have become indispensable for our day-to-day operations. A genuine game-changer!

Shardul Saiya
CTO of Spare8

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  • Sep 23, 2023


    The Limitations of Traditional Debuggers in a Live Production Environment

    In light of the profound shifts witnessed in the tech industry over the past decades, it's crucial to acknowledge the drawbacks of relying solely on VS Code's default debugger, especially in production environments. Here are the key disadvantages: Ineffectiveness in Production Environments…

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  • Sep 21, 2022


    Dynamic Logging: The Evolution of Software Monitoring

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Effortlessly Simple

How does it work?

Using our intuitive IDE plugin, you can send tracepoints at specific lines in your code which get forwarded to our Heimdall agent that runs alongside your code via our SaaS backend. Your application (our Heimdall agent) sends tracepoint snapshots via the same SaaS backend for you to analyze in your IDE itself! All this communication happens over secure TLS 1.2 connections.

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